Lundi 20 Avril 2020 – Formation gratuite en ligne en anglais au protocole EMDR pour le Coronavirus

Webinaire gratuit organisé lundi 20 avril 2020, de 18h00 à 20h00 (heure française) en anglais par Gary Quinn, formateur EMDR en Israël. Pas besoin de s’inscrire en avance.

 Attend by video at:

Meeting ID: 748 051 858

Gary a une grande expérience de l’EMDR dans les situations aiguës et a développé un protocole spécifique pour stabiliser les personnes qui se retrouvent en difficultés en cette période difficile.

Plus d’informations en anglais ci dessous

A Special Free Training Event for EMDR Therapists – Now available at four different dates/times in the next week!The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures instituted to limit its spread have altered our lives throughout the world. As therapists, we are on the front lines providing valuable support as our clients deal with the anxiety, stress, and other difficult emotions in response to the changes required to limit exposure and stay safe. Additionally, our medical professionals, first responders, and essential workers put themselves at risk while serving their communities; and need effective interventions to manage the emotional toll inherent in the work they are doing.

The EMDR Institute is pleased to invite you to a special, free online training, « Self-Care Procedure for Coronavirus (SCP-C) » created by Gary Quinn, M.D., of The EMDR Institute of Israel.   In this two hour event, Dr. Quinn demonstrates  each step of the SCP-C using Alternating Bilateral Tactile Stimulation to move from negative thoughts and emotions to Stabilization and Closure, followed by a practicum.  Using these techniques, clinicians and first responders can obtain nurturing self-care for themselves, and aid those they serve using this procedure either online or by phone.  
A New Procedure Created by Crisis Intervention Expert  
Gary Quinn, MD, and Director of the EMDR Institute of Israel is a psychiatrist specializing in Crisis Intervention, the treatment of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders, as well as PTSD.  As a senior EMDR trainer, he has conducted numerous trainings in Israel, Europe, Asia, Africa and the US.  He has volunteered in medical hospitals treating trauma victims of terrorism, war and natural disasters, and developed a dedicated emergency protocol to treat victims within hours of the traumatic incident when suffering from speechless terror with multiple rapid flashbacks.

The updated protocol procedures are downloadable:

To access the protocol, go  to and click on the link provided under “For Therapists”.